Production specifications for this appellation

Viré-Clessé is a still white wine made from a single grape variety, chardonnay B. The appellation area includes vineyards in the villages of Montbellet, Viré, Clessé, and Laizé.


  • The minimum density has been 7000 plants/hectare since 1979.
  • The yield is 64 hl/ha the Viré-Clessé wines, 62hl/ha for Viré-Clessé + climate name, and 48 hl/ha for Viré-Clessé Levroutés. In the latter wines, the grapes must be harvested by hand.
  • Residual sugar content is less than 3g/l for Viré-Clessé wines, between 4g/l and 8g/l for medium-dry wines, and between 8g/l and 18g/l for Viré-Clessé Levrouté.
Cahier des charges de l’appellation

Viré-Clessé has a maturation period of at least 6 months, and Viré-Clessé + climate name of at least 8 months.



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